About the Greater Tulsa Officials Association


The Greater Tulsa Officials Association is an organization with a long tradition. The group was formed more than twenty five years ago to improve basketball and football officiating in the Tulsa area. GTOA is recognized around the state as a pioneer in teaching and improving officiating at the high school level.

The GTOA is administered by seven (7) officers and two (2) assignment committees, all elected annually by its membership. The assignment committees of the GTOA are believed to be the only such committees in the State of Oklahoma. An executive committee is appointed each year by the president.

GTOA has produced four (4) football officials who have, or are still officiating in the National Football League (NFL), twenty-four (24) football officials working in the NCAA from NAIA to Division 1 and one (1) football official working in the Arena Football League. One GTOA basketball alumni officiated in two (2) NCAA Final Four sessions and ten (10) GTOA basketball officials are currently working in the NCAA.

Many GOTA officials have graduated to the college ranks and have participated in NCAA football playoff and Bowl games and NCAA basketball tournament games.

GTOA pioneered five-man football officiating in the State of Oklahoma and has had a positive influence on officiating by its representation of the Oklahoma State Officials Board of Directors which is governed by the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association.