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Welcome to the NCAA site for Oklahoma College Football Officials!

Many football officials acrosss the state are working in the next level. This section of the GTOA website is being made available to share and publish all NCAA information that is provided for study and review. This will include camp/clinic information, rules study group information, schedules, important dates, events, locations & times. You may also check the GTOA Calendar links on the homepage as NCAA events will be published there as well. Pre-season and practice tests will be available and as the season begins, weekly tests will be posted.

This will be a very dynamic site for the NCAA officials. Information will be published here as soon as it is received and allow the Oklahoma NCAA Officials a place to find valuable information to help improve skills and prepare for each season.

It is suggested that you join the CFO (College Football Officials, LLC) where all video and training materials are available (this site is part of the ArbiterSports Nework) This allows more officials to gain access to important information and to have the benefit of video that is produced by different conferences and easily shared within a larger national network to continue moving forwared toward the goal of consistency in officiating. 
Be sure to visit the CFO West Affiliates website, footballofficiating.com!. This website can be your single-source for weekly bulletins, tests and information. The site also provides updates and information regarding camps and clinics each year and any communication that needs to be addressed during the off-season. Previously, mass e-mails were sent to officials from the respective supervisor's offices to roster officials and then those officials would forward that information on to other officials. Now, all of that information is published to this website and mass-emailing has been eliminated. Be sure to review this site often in an effort to stay up-to-date will all current officiating news! You MUST register with the site to access material and registration is free!
The NCAA Football rules can be complicated, because they contain many definitions, exceptions and references to other rules within the rulebook. This can make studying the rules quite challenging. Despite the fact that many aids are available, these usually provide interpretations of the rules, or at least reword them. Therefore, those aids can never fully replace the rulebook. Ruletool is based on the exact wording of the NCAA Football rules. It enriches them with references, interactive definitions, example videos, pictures and comments.
2013 CFO West Officiating Performance Standards: These standards will create a foundation upon which performance evaluations for officials, including
instant replay, are based. There are many aspects that go into the overall evaluation of officials, both on and off the field, and this will provide a reference so that officials will know what is expected of them.

!! Oklahoma Regional NCAA Officials Meetings !! Spring/Fall Scrimmage Assignments (for Oklahoma NCAA Football Officials)
Our meeting schedule has changed to MONTHLY for Tulsa officials during the regular season. Meeting places are subject to change occasionally. Update e-mails will be sent to area NCAA officials regarding meeting agendas and locations. When you receive the notifications, if someone has been left off of the list, please forward to the appropriate people.

Agendas will include film review, test review, rules discussions, mechanics, philosophy and general situations that have occurred during the most current season. We will also prepare for upcoming seasons. This is a very important aspect of becoming a successful official at the next level or continuing to officiate at higher levelsl.

The next meetings are scheduled for:

Tulsa Area Officials Meetings
TBD, 6:30PM - Platt College

All Tulsa Area Officials Meetings will be held at:

Platt College - Tulsa, OK

2015 Assignments
(2015 Spring assignments will be available March 2015)

!! 2015 Spring Assignments will be availabe in March 2015!!
The times listed are times you should arrive at the stadium/dressing room.
Please bring black shorts as well as full uniform to all scrimmages. 
Please be ready to officiate multiple positions.

2014 NCAA Football Rule Book Update (now on a 2-year publication schedule) Mechanics
The 2014 NCAA Football Rules Changes have now been approved. Click on the links below to view the documentation:

2014-15 NCAA Football Rulebook Order form

2014-15 NCAA Football Rules Book

2014 NCAA Football Rules Information

The Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) approved the 2014 rules changes proposed by the NCAA Football Rules Committee. This action means all of the rules posted previously will be in effect for the 2014 football season, once approval is granted. We will continue to post notes, information and play examples about the changes to this site as they become available.

Mechanics are a key part of your game. It is always beneficial to study mechanics and differences that you may have to work with. The Reno camp is a very popular camp for officials nationwide. They use a specific set of mechanics for their camp that has been developed over the past 12 years. Ken Rivera has provided these mechanics to publish and review.

Nevada Football Camp Mechanics

The 2014 season brings some major changes in NCAA mechanics, especially for the LOS positions and other aspects of the game.

Be sure to review the 2014 Mechanics Changes as part of your preseason preparation:

2014 NCAA Mechanics Changes

NCAA Football Rules Updates (2014 - 15)

In order to alleviate duplication and confusion of distribruted rules information from Rogers Redding and the NCAA Rules Committee, the CFO Central Hub on ArbiterSports has updated their website to better organize NCAA Rules Information. Please click the ArbiterSports logo below for a complete, comprehensive listing of all NCAA Rules updates and information:

2014 - 15 NCAA Rules Updates & Information
Complete and comprehensive NCAA football rules updates and information.

2014 Pre-Season Tests & Rules Information

The 2014 Pre-Season Practice tests are now available. These are intended to get you preparing for this years' football season. It is imperative to study and review all practice tests that are provided by the NCAA. As you attend your clinics this year, you MUST pass the moderated, written test that is given at your respective clinic. In some conferences, if you do not pass, you do not officiate. Get those rule books open.

Test Questions Test Answers (when available)
2014 NCAA Football Test (Tulsa-area Officials)    
2014 CFO West Preseason Test 2014 CFO West Preseason Test Answers

2014 In-Season Tests, Rules & Play Situation Information and Bulletins

The information below will be in-season updates, testing and documentation that we receive as the season progresses. The CFO, Big 12, CUSA, MIAA and other conferences continually distribute important information during the regular season that clarifies any issues or philosphies that need to be addressed as game film is reviewed and training tapes are produced. Rogers Redding will also provide updates and situations to help keep us informed on how particular situational issues should be handled if they occur.

Documents, Updates &
Test Questions
Test Answers/Description (when available) CFO West Officials' Bulletins
CFO Blank Answer Sheet Blank answer sheet for taking weekly CFO tests. 2014 CFO West
Bulletins Listing
CFO Weekly Tests Weekly tests provided by the CFO.

2015 Camps/Clinics

Camp/Clinic Dates Description
CFO West 2015 Clinic Listing Multiple Dates
(see listing on CFO site)
Listing of camps & clinics associated with the CFO West.
  2015 MIAA Topeka Camp #1 Pending MIAA Spring Camp Information
  2015 Great American Conference Camp #1 Pending East Central University - Ada, OK
  2015 Great American Conference Camp #2 Pending University of Arkansas - Monticello
  2015 MIAA Pittsburg Camp #2 Pending MIAA Spring Camp Information
  2015 South Florida Officiating Camp Pending Participants in this camp will be exposed to the latest philosophies, techniques, and mechanics available at the highest levels in football officiating (Provided by CUSA)
  2015 GTOA Clinic Pending Classroom, film review and on-field evalution (high school specific)
  2015 West Texas Clinic Pending A great opportunity to fine-tune your on-field skills with "real-time" guidance from some of the best officials in the collegiate and professional ranks.  The clinic will assemble your staff with NFL and NCAA officials and with supervisors from FBS/FCS and other conferences.
  2015 KJCCC Officiating Camp Pending Live scrimmages on field with film review of scrimmages. Class room sessions with D1
clinicians and emphasis on college football officiating and development of KJCCC Staff.
American Athletic Conference Application N/A Application process for the AAC. You will need to complete the application, and then upload requested game film when you receive a response from the conference.
CFO West Application (Big12, MW, SLC) N/A Applications Profile Sheet for the CFO West. Download and complete the form, and e-mail as an attachment to walt@footballofficiating.com (Walt Anderson, CFO West Supervisor of Officials.